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Pemangkuan tidak dibenarkan selagi jawatan YDP MPPP tidak dikosongkan

Oleh Dato' Zainal Rahim bin Seman
Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang

Sr. Encik Tan Cheng Chui telah mengemukakan permohonan untuk bersara secara pilihan pada 1 Mac 2010. Pencen pilihan ini adalah dibenarkan dibawah Seksyen 12 Akta Pencen Pihak-Pihak Berkuasa Berkanun Dan Tempatan. Selanjutnya, Sr. Encik Tan Cheng Chui telah memohon untuk menghabiskan cuti rehat beliau selama 63 hari bermula dari 23 November 2009 hingga 28 Februari 2010.

Sehubungan ini, Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri (PSUKP) telah meluluskan permohonan cuti rehat tersebut. Manakala permohonan bagi persaraan pilihan ianya perlu dirujuk kepada Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) untuk diluluskan. Jika tidak diluluskan, pegawai berkenaan tidak dibenarkan untuk bersara. Pada ketika ini permohonan pencen beliau sedang disediakan oleh MPPP dan akan dikemukakan kepada Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam untuk pertimbangan. Pada ketika ini, status Sr. Encik Tan Cheng Chui adalah masih sebagai seorang pegawai awam. Beliau tidak pernah mengosongkan jawatan yang didudukinya. Beliau adalah masih sah sebagai Yang DiPertua MPPP.

PSUKPP telah merujuk secara lisan kepada JPA. Penjelasan yang diberikan ialah sekiranya jawatan tersebut tidak dikosongkan pemangkuan tidak dibenarkan. Ini disebabkan pegawai berkenaan masaih berkhidmat dalam ertikata yang sebenar dan bercuti. Kaedah yang tepat dan munasabah ialah memilih seorang pegawai lain yang layak untuk menanggung kerja tersebut. Pemangkuan adalah tidak sah disebabkan Yang Pertua masih menerima emolumen, elaun dan kemudahan sebagai Yang DiPertua. Jika dilantik secara pemangkuan maka faedah-faedah pemangkuan pula akan diterima oleh pegawai yang memangku. Ini bermakna seseorang pegawai tidak boleh memangku kerana jawatan tersebut tidak dikosongkan. Kaedah menanggung kerja adalah tepat dan mematuhi syarat-syarat dalam perkhidmatan kerajaan.

Satu kaedah yang boleh dibenarkan ialah dengan mencadangkan satu jawatan sentara atau secara penepatan jawatan khas kepada JPA dimana bagi membolehkan Sr. Encik Tan Cheng Chui disandarkan kepada jawatan ini bagi tempoh beliau bercuti sehingga permohonan pencen pilihan diluluskan. Maka jawatan hakiki Yang DiPertua boleh dipangku oleh pegawai yang dicadangkan.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Baseless tirade against Penang

Message from Jeffery Chew, Special Investment Officer to Penang Chief Minister:

I refer to the MalaysiaKini article by Ong Eu Soon "Foreshore land: 'Special circumstances' hardly special on Penang's land conversion", I wish to draw to your attention that the law relating to foreshore land as stated in the National Land Code is upheld and is not affected by the conversion of PDC Heritage Hotel Sdn Bhd (PHH)'s land to freehold status. Clearly Ong Eu Soon was barking up at the wrong tree and going off tangent to launch his baseless tirade against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and the PR government.

This prime state land was sold to PHH by the previous administration with state agency Penang Development Corporation (PDC) owning only 49% with YTL Hotel & Properties taking 51%. To protect public interest, the present PR government had successfully increased PDC's stake in PHH to 50% to ensure that the private company can no longer own and control the land and project. Further all costs of increasing the equity stake and land conversion fees of RM 8.3 million is borne by YTL H&P, a boost to state revenues. Bear in mind that the freehold land is now owned 50-50 by the state agency PDC as a result of the successful intervention of the present state government as compared to the previous administration that "lost control" over this valuable state land land.


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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Thief falsely shouting thief

Media Statement by Y.B. Ng Wei Aik, Penang State Assemblyman for KOMTAR on 17th of November, 2009 in Georgetown, Penang:

Penang’s UMNO is running scared following the decision by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to declassify decisions made by the Penang State EXCO and Land Committee minutes on PDC Heritage Hotel Sdn Bhd (PHH) status following UMNO false and baseless attacks to try to undermine the Pakatan Rakyat state government's credibility. Instead of welcoming this declassification in line with the state government’s CAT principles of competency accountability and transparency, Pulau Betong assemblyman Muhamad Farid Saad is not interested but continues to harp on false allegations whether Lim had lied.

Why is UMNO so frightened of the truth being told from declassifying minutes? Or are they afraid that the truth from declassifying the minutes will expose UMNO and BN’s tactics of using their control over the mass media by repeating a lie 1,000 times until it becomes the truth? Like the Malay proverb, the public can now see “who is berani kerana benar” and “who is takut kepada salah”.

This is probably the first time in history that an irresponsible and an undemocratic oppostion party like UMNO does not welcome declassification of minutes to throw light into an issue. The PR state government's initiative to declassify decisions made on PHH without any pressure from the opposition clearly shows that it not only upholds transparency but that it has nothing to hide. If even Transparency International can praise Penang for its anti-corruption efforts, a party like UMNO that has an ingrained culture of corruption accusing the Penang PR government is no different from a “thief falsely shouting thief”.

The state government regrets that UMNO-controlled media like NST continues to falsely accuse Lim of evading questions when he is willing to answer them after the minutes of decisions made are declassified to comply with the laws on secrecy and give a complete picture of the entire PHH project. Why has UMNO or NST not questioned BN for never declassifying minutes on projects approved to protect public interest and accountability?

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Friday, 6 November 2009

New National Organising Secretary and Acting National Secretary for DAPSY

The DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) National Executive Council at its meeting last night had elected committee member Teo Kok Seong as the new National Organising Secretary, replacing Chang Teck Chee who had earlier resigned. Teo is also the State Assemblyman for Bahau in Negeri Sembilan.

Meanwhile, Assistant National Secretary Tey Kok Kiew was made acting National Secretary until April 2010 as current National Secretary Loh Chee Heng would be taking a six months’ leave starting from this November. Tey is also the State Assemblyman for Bandar Hilir in Melaka.

The DAPSY National Executive Council has also decided to hold a Special Congress in Ipoh on 16th January 2010 to amend the DAPSY Statute to fine tune its provisions in order to bring DAPSY to greater heights.

Besides, the DAPSY National Executive Council also pledged its full support to the Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat National Convention on 18th December 2009 in Shah Alam. We will send a full delegation to the convention and work harder to achieve a more cohesive Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

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No Plastic Bags Awareness Campaign @ Prangin Mall

Speech by Y.B. Ng Wei Aik, the State Assemblyman for KOMTAR for launching “No Plastic Bags Awareness” Campaign @ Prangin Mall on 6th of November, 2009 at Atrium A, Prangin Mall:

Mr Alex Heng, Chairman of Prangin Mall Joint Management Committee,
Mr Ang Thean Hock, Chairman of Prangin Mall Merchants Association,
Members of Joint Management Committee,
Distinguished guests,
Tenants/Traders of Prangin Mall,
Our fellow journalists,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

A very good afternoon to everyone of you!

First of all, I would like to record my heartiest appreciation for inviting me to be part of your effort in launching “No Plastic Bags Awareness” Campaign @ Prangin Mall.

On behalf of the State Government of Penang, I would like to commend such an effort as Prangin Mall is the second multi-ownership shopping complex after KOMTAR to encourage all its traders/tenants to take part in the “No Plastic Bags Awareness” Campaign initiated by the State Government.

As you have seen, Prangin Mall has printed 2,000 recyclable shopping bags to be free distributed to their customers and also put up quite a lot of banners in every corner of the mall, as a way to promote the idea of “No Plastic Bags Awareness” Campaign and also to increase the public awareness over this campaign.

Based on the data provided by 45 participating super/hypermarkets and other retailers, Penangites have saved about 1 million plastic bags on “No Plastic Mondays” for the past 4 months, starting from 6 July, 2009.

Last year alone, the 6 major groups of super/ hypermarkets in Penang distributed as much as 25.2 million pieces of plastics bags or 2.1 million pieces monthly. We have become the first state in Malaysia that had cut down the usage of plastic bags through such voluntarily program.

We have also collected more than RM 10,000 from the charges of 20 cents per bags. These charges have been donated to the Partners Against Poverty (PAP) fund to assist in eradicating hard-core poverty in Penang.

Penang became the first state in Malaysia to ensure that every family receives at least RM500 per month. The hard-core poor is defined as families receiving monthly income of less that RM 430.

And for the constituency of KOMTAR, we are now the first constituency in the state of Penang where all the shopping complexes, including Prangin Mall, KOMTAR and Gama Supermarket has taken part in the No Plastic Bag Awareness Campaign. I will ensure the Times Square and the 1st Avenue to follow suit when they are fully operational sometimes this year or next year.

I would like to bring you a good where the Selangor State Government has recently emulated our effort to introduce such a campaign to all its shopping complexes in Selangor.

The attendees of the meeting called by the Selangor Exco incharge of the campaign even praised the effort by the State Government of Penang. I think we are right in setting such a direction to make Penang as the first Green State in Malaysia as well as a role model for other states to emulate.

Like what Mr Alex Heng said, Our Children also share the same earth with us!

Yes, I do agree with your view and once again, I would like to urge everyone of us, please:

Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

Let us together support the Penang State Government’s effort to increase No Plastic Bags Day, to double it up or triple it up from Monday to more and more days in a week.

Thank you very much.

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