Saturday, 30 April 2011

DAP Ceramah: Jom Ubah! Taking On Najib's Fixed Deposit

Ceramah Perdana DAP: JOM UBAH! Menawan Simpanan Tetap Najib
Yes 就是改变!决心夺取纳吉的定期存款
JOM UBAH! Taking on Najib's Fixed Deposit

Penganjur Bersama/Co-Organised by DAP Penang & Jelutong Service Centre

Tarikh/Date: 7 Mei/May 2011 (Sabtu/Saturday)
日期:2011 年5月7日(星期六)
Masa/Time: 8.00 p.m.
Tempat/Venue : Dewan Tunku, Level/Tingkat 5, KOMTAR

Kemasukan/Admission: Sila ambil telefon bimbit anda untuk undian sms semasa ceramah/Please bring your handphone for on-the-spot SMS polling

Bahasa Pengantar/Medium of Language: English & Mandarin

Penceramah/Speakers / 主讲者:
Y.B. Chow Kon Yeow, DAP Penang State Chairman
Y.B. Jeff Ooi, M.P. for Jelutong
Y.B. Chong Chieng Jen, ADUN for Kota Sentosa
Y.B. Chiew Chiu Sing, ADUN for Kidurong
Y.B. Christina Chew, ADUN for Batu Kawah
Y.B. Violet Yong, ADUN for Pending
Y.B. Wong King Wei, ADUN for Padungan
Y.B. Ling Sie Kiong, ADUN for Piasau

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Thanks to PKSPP! Ting Siew Ann has been found in Penang

The missing person, Philip Ting Siew Ann, Male, left sibu on 29th of March, 2011 has been found today around 4.00 p.m. by Pasukan Keselamatan Sukarela Pulau Pinang (PKSPP). We have immediately contacted his family members while he is on the way flying back to Sibu via KL.

His father just landed at KL and will fly to Penang by taking the next available flight. The police is taking Ting's statement while waiting his father to come. The public get to know this missing person through my press conference called on 2nd of April 2011.

The photo taken before missing

The photo taken after found

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